Monday, January 10, 2011

Ultra Training, so far.

I am a psycho planner. I asked Coach Scott to plan out all of my weekend runs from now through the Heartland October. He reluctantly agreed, but made me promise to adjust as necessary, and to take it one month at a time. Since some of you asked about my training, here's a look.

So far, so good in January:

1st/2nd - 15/10
8th/9th - 20/10

During the week, I runTuesday (4-5 miles), Wednesday (in January 6 miles, building back to 10 miles starting in February), and Thursday (4-6 miles).

The plan includes strength training on Monday and Wednesday.

I'm really feeling pretty great. The 20 miles on Saturday went well, minus me keeping hydrated. The 10 miles yesterday was done in the hills of the Heartland 100 course. (It is really nice to have the course relatively close - about an hour away.) I took my new Saucony trail shoes for a spin at the Heartland course, and really liked them. Bonus: the price was quite awesome as far as running shoes go.

Driving home from Heartland. Cows blocked the course.
Notice the look of terror in my Coach's eyes in the rearview mirror.
The cows know he eats their kind...

I was sore yesterday, but I am feeling great today. This week my schedule is a little off, as I'm moving my Saturday/Sunday runs to Wednesday (15) and Thursday (15). Wednesday's low is -3 degrees. Without windchill. Brrrr.

All in all, everything is going really, really well. Hope you enjoy a wonderful (and warm) week!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011: Here I come!

I started this blog on January 22, 2010.  I was training for my very first (and only) marathon and raising money for Team in Training. I had never run more than 7 miles...and that was 10 years prior. I named the blog "More than a Marathon" to honor the fact that my first marathon meant more to me than running it as a goal for myself (marathon before age 30). I had other goals happening with Team in Training at the same time. And that I was doing it in Clayton's honor.

I started reading blogs. I noticed all of these 'Tall Mom 1000+' logos. "Wow. There are a lot of tall runners who blog!" I finally figured out that Tall Mom is a person, not a description of the stature of the runners in the club. And that the 1000+ is the number of miles they planned for 2010. "Crazy. All crazy. That is a ton of miles" I thought.

Fast forward to May 2010, where I had already planned 5 marathons before the end of the year...without having ever run my first. I finished off the year doing 6 just under 6 months. And, without even meaning to, making it into Tall Mom's 1000+ club. So wild where I've gone in just a year! And the most exciting part of 2010...Clayton officially being cancer-free! It truly was a life changing year, in more ways than I ever thought possible.

That said, the fact that I'm a planner has not changed. I can't help it. I just am. Maybe I should consider "planning" to update my blog layout. I am pretty sure San Diego and Seattle are finished...

2011 has been planned:

February 26: Post Oak Challenge 25k Trail Run (Tulsa, OK)
February 27: Post Oak Challenge Full Marathon (Tulsa, OK)

March 20: A2A Marathon Full (Ardmore, OK)
March 27: Rock 'n Roll Dallas 1/2 Marathon (Dallas, TX)

April 3: Brew to Brew 44 Mile Ultra (Kansas City to Lawrence, KS)

May 1: BMO Vancouver Full (Vancouver, BC) With Team in Training! Yay!

June 4: Hospital Hill 1/2 Marathon (Kansas City, KS)
June 11: Marathon to Marathon Full (Storm Lake to Marathon, IA)
June 12: Swan Lake Marathon Full (Viborg, SD)

July 15: Lunar Trek 40 Mile Ultra (Scandia, KS)

August 20: Pike's Peak Ascent 1/2 Marathon (Colorado Springs, CO)

October: Heartland Spirit of the Prairie 100 Mile Ultra (Cassoday, KS)

That's right...2011 is the year of the Ultra. I am beyond excited. My training schedule is intimidating. I'll have multiple training runs where I run more than a marathon (foreshadowing, anyone, with the name of my blog? Who knew?!). With no medal at the end. I'll be back to the land of the mileage PR. I'm pumped. I miss those days of running where each step you take is another step into the unknown, and further than you've ever been. This will be fun. It's like an anniversary!

The training so far is a-ok. I'm getting comfortable logging miles on my own. I mostly don't want to run on my own for safety, but I'm realizing that I am capable of it. I did a solo 15 miles (slightly hungover) on New Year's Day...and realized that I am boring. I am so thankful to have a large group of people to run with most of the time. They're amazing. Given the number of miles I'll be logging the next 10 months, I am even more grateful for the fact that I have so much support from so many people. It is a very cool feeling. Warm fuzzies. Add to that the support I have from my husband (totally amazing) and my family and my non-running friends, and my Coach, and fellow bloggers...and I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

Here's to 2011!