Monday, January 10, 2011

Ultra Training, so far.

I am a psycho planner. I asked Coach Scott to plan out all of my weekend runs from now through the Heartland October. He reluctantly agreed, but made me promise to adjust as necessary, and to take it one month at a time. Since some of you asked about my training, here's a look.

So far, so good in January:

1st/2nd - 15/10
8th/9th - 20/10

During the week, I runTuesday (4-5 miles), Wednesday (in January 6 miles, building back to 10 miles starting in February), and Thursday (4-6 miles).

The plan includes strength training on Monday and Wednesday.

I'm really feeling pretty great. The 20 miles on Saturday went well, minus me keeping hydrated. The 10 miles yesterday was done in the hills of the Heartland 100 course. (It is really nice to have the course relatively close - about an hour away.) I took my new Saucony trail shoes for a spin at the Heartland course, and really liked them. Bonus: the price was quite awesome as far as running shoes go.

Driving home from Heartland. Cows blocked the course.
Notice the look of terror in my Coach's eyes in the rearview mirror.
The cows know he eats their kind...

I was sore yesterday, but I am feeling great today. This week my schedule is a little off, as I'm moving my Saturday/Sunday runs to Wednesday (15) and Thursday (15). Wednesday's low is -3 degrees. Without windchill. Brrrr.

All in all, everything is going really, really well. Hope you enjoy a wonderful (and warm) week!