Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The rest of January.

I left you hanging. I apologize. My husband went to Canada for a ski trip for TEN days, leaving me to solo parent our three girls. It went well, though. I got all of my runs in despite his absence. We welcomed him home with our two-year-old puking all night the first night, our 4-year-old the second night, and the 6-year-old for the next 4 days. Good times.

I did, in fact, end up doing my long run on January 12. (2 degrees with a -14 windchill. Wow.) I used Yaktrax for the first time, and they were wonderful. My calves burned like crazy on that run! We cut it back to 13.1 miles - I just didn't have the full 15 miles in me. My eyelashes were frozen and very beautiful. So proud that I got the run in outdoors - it gave me the appreciation of 20 degree weather that I didn't possess before. Special thanks to Coach Scott for not wimping out on me that morning.

Because I cut that run short, I accomplished my 2nd long run the next morning (equally cold) at the gym. 17 miles on the indoor track. 170 laps. Not bad at all, and I actually had quite a bit of fun doing it. (Surprise, surprise. Me, having fun?)

I had four runs on the treadmill while my husband was gone. I like to avoid the treadmill. It couldn't be avoided, and I learned to love it. It was a great tool to have and it allowed me to get done what I needed to get done while also not leaving my children at home by themselves. I'm such a good Mommy...

25 miles were on schedule for Saturday, January 22. Coach Scott and his wife (Jenn, who is also a dear friend of mine) stayed at my house on Friday night, along with their son. Jenn was on kid duty Saturday morning starting at 5am, and Coach Scott and I accomplished our 25 miles. (My 2nd long run on Sunday was very short, and only called for 5 miles. Yahoo!)  Thank you, Jenn and Scott!

Normal miles this week, though I did run on Friday (my usual rest day). It was 70 degrees in Kansas! Saturday called for 10 miles. It was hot and I had no water. I had good company in the Fair Weather Runner, The Running Lawyer, Shelley, and Aaron. Sunday's run was back to being freaking cold, and Jenn and I got our 20 miles in (fine. Technically 20.5 - I never round up). Our friend Lauren joined us for 10 miles, and it was her first double-digit day! So fun!

Very exciting tidbit: January was my very first 200 mile month. And it has been a year since I started running! I'm so happy and thankful. Such an awesome thing we're all able to do. I couldn't have done it without the help and support of my husband, my three little girls, Coach Scott, and each and every one of my running buddies. I'm thankful for their support and love!

February is starting off cold. And windy. And snowy. Today I'll be on the treadmill, probably tomorrow and Thursday on the treadmill as well. This weekend I've got 25 Saturday and 20 Sunday...no way am I staying on the treadmill for those runs!

Have a fantastic week.