Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Monday

I have a confession. In addition to taking off Friday last week, I also took Thursday off. I was truly afraid I had done some damage to my ankle. I literally rested, iced, compressed and elevated for two days straight. And every day since then. The good news is that while it hurts (still) - once I get a mile or two in, things warm up and loosen up and it feels totally fine during the run. I think my calves are extremely tight, and it is throwing my lower leg out of whack. Not in a shin-splints way, just in a weird ankle-bone-and-heel-bones-feel-like-they-are-going-to-explode way. But it is all good. As long as I can run and not be in pain, I'm totally fine! Heck, even in pain it will get done. Those who know me well know I have zero pain tolerance. None! So for me to push through and not give up is a huge testament to being inspired and knowing the bigger picture is much more important than some aches and pains.  

Saturday was a big day for me: my furthest distance run in 14 years! As a freshman in high school, I had a 7 mile practice one day. And now, 14 years later...I ran 8 miles. Score! I didn't intend on running 8, I was scheduled for 6. But my San Diego Marathon buddies talked me into it, as they are 3 or so weeks ahead of me. I can absolutely tell that at that mileage, I need nutrition/calories. Maybe it makes me a wimp...but I could tell that I needed it. 

Here are the stats of the 8-miler:

1 - 10:02
2 - 9:39
3 - 9:35
4 - 9:54
5 - 9:57
6 - 9:45
7 - 9:32
8 - 9:39

I'm quite impressed with myself. It is so helpful to have a group of people (that I really like!) to run with.

Sunday I jogged/walked an easy 2 miles.

Today I jogged 4-5 miles (more than four, probably not a full 5) on an indoor track. We ran for at leat 48 minutes, but completely lost count, as 10 laps is a mile. It was fun, though, and that is always great for my mental health. Thanks for the great run, Kelli! 

Tomorrow I am going to bike and hopefully get to my Yoga class. I would like to lift, also. 

Wednesday is exciting for me, as some of my teammates are meeting me for a 6 mile run at 5am. I am thrilled to not do it alone! They've even agreed to Thursday morning at 5 as well, since I don't have clients this week. So excited!  

Great week so far...and it is only Monday. I've got a good feeling of things to come!