Monday, May 10, 2010


Saturday was awesome. Just awesome! 

I ended up with 22.2 miles. I never questioned whether or not I would survive it. I knew I would. And I did. My first 10.2 miles started at 5am with Yvette, Michele, and Madison. I love these women. They keep me going, and I completely spoiled by them. I'm so thankful for their friendship, and their company while we run. 

We were running late, so picked up our pace and juuuuuuust made it to the Team Run at 7am. Michele and Madison left to finish up their final 10k at the River Run (way to get a medal at the end of your training run, ladies!). Yvette finished her long run with 3 miles out, 3 miles back, and I logged my final 12 miles as well. 

I smiled almost nonstop. Time was flying by. I felt mentally strong. I didn't drink much at all my first 10 miles, and I that mistake showed itself in the form of a major calf cramp around 14 miles in. Ouch! It wasn't bad enough that I couldn't run, and it didn't jack with my mental state of awesome. It did, however, show me just how much a little mistake early on can affect me so greatly. Lesson learned. 

I thought I was excited before. Now, that excitement has bubbled up and oozed over. (That sounds really nasty. But, I mean it in a good way...)  

Less than four weeks before the first day comes along that I've been looking forward to for so many weeks. Less than four weeks before I reach a huge goal. Less than four weeks before I represent a little boy who has been fighting much longer than I have been training. Less than four weeks before I run just four miles more than I did on Saturday. Less than four weeks before I experience a marathon weekend with Team in Training. 

Fundraising update: I'm currently at over $9,300 raised for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And I have three weeks of Sunday Shout Outs to catch up on. 

It moves me. It really does. This process has changed me, forever. A wise woman told me to savor every minute of the first marathon. That it would change me. And that those moments can't be relived as a first-timer ever again. I'm all over it - thank you, Jennifer! I'm so thankful. 

This is a random tidbit - but I haven't used an Ipod at all! Ok, not entirely true - when I did my 13.1 on the treadmill I did...but outside, nope. I've always needed music. And now, who needs it? Not me! Believe me, I'm as shocked as all of you music-lovers are. Hey, at least I won't have to worry about battery-life on Marathon Day. 

I'm excited. Did I mention that?