Monday, May 24, 2010

Update (the "Upbeats and Beatdowns" Edition)

Beatdown: My wisdom tooth is shifting, and causing some issues. Mostly affecting my sleep/eating habits.

Upbeat: With all of this extra time on my hands not sleeping, I will have extra time to blog.


Beatdown: Our 20-miler Saturday was sunny and 80+ degrees. And humid.

Upbeat: While I am typically a back of the packer, I became a front of the packer. It was harder than 60's, yes. But now I'm mentally prepared for heat/humidity. Just in case.


Beatdown: I had my final fundraiser. (Signaling that the Team in Training experience is nearing the end.)

Upbeat: The $10,000 goal I had in mind was officially met (and exceeded). Whooohoo!


Beatdown: I bet the original goal of $4,000 feels awfully lonely right now.

Upbeat: I can't think of one. Sorry, original goal. You were great while you lasted, and you were a terrific starting goal.


Beatdown: My friend and running buddy, Yvette, had some knee issues happening Saturday, and had to cut her run short.

Upbeat: I am so very proud of her for facing that big mental hurdle and calling it quits. I know she was so disappointed, but she tackled the situation with wisdom and it will pay off. I just know it.


Beatdown: It is 3:30am and I am blogging, thanks to that darn tooth.

Upbeat: Tylenol is kicking in, and sleep just might be in my future.


Upbeat: Less than 2 weeks before marathon day #1!

Upbeat: Taper, schmaper. I'm not as psycho as I had planned for. So far...

Upbeat: Drugs are kicking in, so sleep may be in my future. Whooohoo!

Upbeat: The pain in my tooth makes the soreness in my legs seem like nothing. (Three yoga classes for my fundraiser on my rest day before the 20-miler. Tired legs.)


All things running-related have me so excited! I cannot believe how quickly the big days are approaching. Pretty awesome to look back on all that I've accomplished. I remember the first mileage PR of 8 miles. And 10. And the ankle injury (or whatever that was). And that I have met my goal of finishing long runs feeling great, happy, and smiling.

And after all of this, when people ask if I'm a runner...I'm having a hard time coming up with reasons that I'm not a runner. I love it.

Happy Monday! Have a great week.