Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Shout Out: Week Nine

This was an awesome week. Mentally, physically, etc. I am so thrilled and thankful that I can run again! I even ran my first ever half-marathon!

Donations this week:

Nickki is a friend that I've known for many years, though we've become much closer in our friendship in the past year. She is literally one of the most stunning women I have ever met, and her heart shines through and makes that beauty even more intense. She is awesome. I love to do Yoga with her, I love to spend time with her (when we can!) and she makes me smile and laugh. One of those people you hang out with and then leave with a skip in your step, and thankful for the time together. My little girls love her, too - and she has always been so kind to them. I adore you, Nickki! Thank you for everything.

Tom & Sheri are friends that I knew from Church while I was in high school. Tom is always a joker, and always has a fantastic smile to offer. Sheri and I worked together at the bank for several years, also. Seeing them when I go back to visit is always such a wonderful treat. Sheri always gave (and gives!) the best hugs. They are truly a couple that I will never forget. My life is a little sweeter with them in it. Thank you both so much!

Erica & Jeff are such a fun couple. Seriously. When we get together there are guaranteed laughs! Jeff and my husband played hockey on the same team for a while, and now they are rivals. I love knowing that they can go beat on each other on the ice, and be game to have a beer together all in a short amount of time. Erica and Jeff just moved into their new home, and I am thrilled for them. Despite all they have going on, they were kind enough to think of me and to be proud and supportive of what I have happening. I am beyond thankful and very lucky to know you both. And your gorgeous sons. We love you! Thank you.

Cindy and Scott rock. That's all there is to it. Cindy is one of my Mom's dearest friends from her days of teaching (Cindy is a school psychologist). Cindy is a breast cancer survivor - she has an appointment with the oncologist on the 26th to make sure she's still in the clear. Not only will her name be on my jersey to honor her battle, but so will her sister (Clariece - breast cancer), her sister-in-law (Colleen - breast cancer), her cousin (Diane - breast cancer) and in Memory of her sister, Beverly, who died on 7/30/09 of breast cancer. Pretty staggering info. Cindy came out for a little party we had on Saturday, and I am so thankful she did. I'm so lucky to know her. We're all thankful for you, Cindy and Scott! Thank you so much. I'm proud to have your name on my jersey!

Mike is one of my buddies from grade school! He saw my birthday plea for donations on Facebook, and was kind enough to donate to my cause, in honor of his Grandfather who passed away last year. We reconnected at our 10 year reunion (well, his reunion - I moved before graduation) and then via Facebook. I was truly blown away by his kindness. Mike, thank you so much. So glad to have met you way back in 3rd grade!

Samantha is my cousin. (Making my Uncle Mike her uncle as well, and Clayton her 2nd cousin. Or first cousin once removed? Whatever...) She was the key to our happy marriage after my first daughter was born. Sam was our babysitter once weekly for our date nights from the time K1 was just 6 weeks old. We loved and trusted her and I truly believe she was our angel. Of course, she went out and got married (to Dan, a wonderful guy - we're thankful for him, too!) and continued to babysit...until they decided it was time to have a family of their own. Can't say I blame them, but we truly miss seeing Sam and Dan as often as we used to. They now have two precious boys, and a third on the way. Bless her - she'll have three under three! We just adore them, and need to make a bigger effort to get together. No excuses. Just do it! You guys will always always always have a special place in our hearts and in our life. We love you! Thank you.

Denise. Gosh. I don't even know her! Her donation came along with Samantha's and I just opened it early this morning and haven't had a chance to call to ask who she is! How about the kindness of strangers, though?! Such an incredible thing. Someone out there believes in this cause and believes in what I'm doing so much that they were moved to help. I'm just blown away. Thank you.

In Other News:

That half marathon I mentioned? It was on the treadmill. Yep, Mother Nature messed up our Team run for Saturday morning. I was faced with two choices: hope that Sunday would be a better running day or just do it and get it over with. I started off with 12 miles on the schedule, but decided that if I'm doing this on a treadmill, I deserve to really enjoy it. So I added an extra 1.1 to the schedule, and decided to make a half-marathon out of it. It was flipping amazing! I can absolutely see why people enjoy half-marathons. As it was a long run day, I did keep it slow - probably a fast walk for some of you(!).  I set the treadmill to an 11:06 pace (McMillan says 10:53 to 11:53) and didn't go up or down in speed. Got into my zone, fueled perfectly, and honestly had an awesome time. I smiled a lot! Not a stich of ankle pain. Hips got a little tight, and are tight today. I suppose that is to be expected...but what do I know? This was my very first time! I'm STILL pumped!

This truly made me even more excited for the 26.2's coming up. What a wonderful feeling.

Here's to a fantastic week...and no more snow! While the treadmill and I were friends on Saturday, I can't wait to get back with my Team. Have a safe and happy week!