Saturday, March 13, 2010


(Thursday's workout was 45 minutes on the Bike. Nothing too exciting.)

Today is awesome. Today I feel amazing after my 120 minutes on the Arc Trainer. My ankle - amazing. My legs - amazing. My mental state - incredible. I wanted to high-five every person I came in contact with. I even had a goofy grin on my face the last 30 minutes! Even now I can't wipe the smile from my face!

Compared to my 10 miles two weeks ago, I am in heaven. I think the key was that I did 10 miles (too fast) two weeks ago, and with my tank on "Empty". Today I experimented with a couple of Clif items.

I started off by having a packet of Shot Gel - mocha flavored - 15 minutes before I started. Honestly, it was quite...sweet. Sickeningly sweet, though if you're a big fan of chocolate, you'll love it. (I would rather spread it all over a cupcake.) Also, it had caffeine, and I don't think I need that.  After I hit 60 minutes, I started in with the Shot Bloks - Margarita flavored. I had one every 20 minutes. Looking back, all I would have changed is that I would have started the Bloks sooner. I started getting headachy and feeling rotten about 45 minutes in, and maybe having one would have been good. Even if just making me think it helped. Of course, I am also not used to sucking down a package of frosting pre-workout, either. So I started off feeling queasy anyway.

That said, the second 60 minutes was awesome. And just kept getting better. I was so thankful and pumped that I felt so phenomenal! I cannot wait to get back at it with my Team. Heck, I can't wait to get back to running, period!

Also, my Mom did some Kineseo Taping to me this week. I kid you not. I call it "magic tape" now. My ankle pain was greatly reduced immediately, the next day was just mild, and completely gone as of yesterday. I kept the tape on through my workout today, then took it off. My coach suggested that I make sure it isn't "masking anything serious" (which I don't think it could/would anyway) so I took the tape off, put my recovery socks on, and still - the ankle feels incredible. Not even an inkling of pain. I am pumped!

I am going to try a nice, easy jog on Monday. Everything in me wants to do it tomorrow, but I am going to take one more day off. Patience...I'm learning.

My cousin posted an update on Clayton's CaringBridge website today. He has 22 weeks of chemo left - he was diagnosed two years ago! What a day of celebration it will be when that part of life wraps up for them. That means that by the time I finish my second marathon in his honor, he should have 7 or so weeks of chemo left. That final countdown has to be full of emotion. Anytime I think of Clayton (and I think of him all.the.time) - it makes this training easy. Makes the thought of running two marathons 20 days apart easy. I am so proud to do this for their family.

Looking forward to writing up the Sunday Shout Out tomorrow. This was another week with full of blogger support. You are all awesome! Thank you.