Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Shout Out: Week Ten (last week's post!)

Happy Sunday! This post didn't get posted last week. Or maybe it did...but it was showing it as a draft. I am so sorry to all who donated and didn't get shouted out last week! I really had it done and pushed publish...but the internets weren't my friend. I love you all!

Donations this week:

Erica at Run, Mommy, Run! is such a sweet woman. She recently ran her first 5k(s) and even planned to run Tall Mom's Virtual 10k this weekend. I can't wait to hear how fabulous it was for her. She is always so supportive, kind, and generous. I even won a Bondi Band from her in a giveaway! Erica always makes me smile. Having her support is such a gift. Thank you so much, Erica!

Brian is a lawyer who works with my husband. Brian is one of those friends who you know you'll laugh with. He's hilarious! Brian and I traveled to Oklahoma to hear a friend sing very many years ago. We had so much fun riding roller coasters and hanging out. And he's always down for some trash-talking during lawyer-league softball. I appreciate Brian so much, and I'm thankful for a friend who can always put a smile on my face. Brian, you rock. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for your support.

Amy is my Mom's cousin. She lost both of her parents to Cancer, and I am proud to honor both of them for her at the marathons. Amy is so funny, and I always remember laughing with her when she would come visit. She lives way too far away, now, and I can't even recall the last time I saw her! But my Mom adores her, and I think that means she needs to plan a trip to Kansas very soon. I'm so thankful for you, Amy. Thanks for the fun memories. Hopefully we can create some more, soon. Thank you so much!

Betty and Dennis are my Aunt and Uncle on my Step-Dad's side of the family. They have four boys who are mostly grown (the last one is in high school!), and Betty is always so great with my girls. I think she's practicing for Grandma duty! (She'll make a great one.) They have always been so welcoming and kind to my brother and sister and I, despite us coming to the family via marriage. I consider them family just the same. I'm thankful to have their love and support. Thank you both so much! Betty, lets get you to my house soon. Thank you again - so much.

In Other News:

Had a decent week, despite lack of blogging and lack of blog reading. All of my daughters threw up all.night.long and it was such a long night last night. I'm going to cut this short and get back to it once I have some rest. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Oh, and I ran 15 miles yesterday. Awesome! New mileage PR!