Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Slow is Sexy" Saturday

I PR'd today at the Easter SunRun! So much for "Slow is Sexy" Saturday!

Ok, it was my first it was a guarantee - but yahoo anyway! My "official" race time was 57:10. (Shaved 7 minutes off the virtual 10k from last weekend!) Negative splits, too. Yay!

Despite the mental anguish I had surrounding the race, it really ended up being a lot of fun. (Thank you all for your helpful hints and words of encouragement!) And as much as I am not competative, I sure got that way when these douchey boys that I passed said, "They're going way too fast. They're going to die at the end and we'll pass them."  Needless to say, I didn't let that happen. (Punks.) I will probably always dislike racing, but I can appreciate the fun of it all when it is over.

Megan, Yvette, ME!, Nickki, Madison, Michele

We also had the "Boot Block" today to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Our group raised close to $1000 at our intersection! I am so amazed at the generosity of people. And the people you think would "never" help out turned out being the most giving of all.


* The Fair Weather Runner (my newest blogger-turned-real life buddy - which I am still completely thrilled about) stopped by to donate and introduce herself and her husband to me. I was so thrilled to see them! Thank you, my adorable friend! I think you are awesome and I'm so excited to get to see you for more than 5.243 seconds next time.

* A man who was completely shady (by all appearances) rode up to my sister and I on his bicycle. We made small talk, and then he talked to us about saving lives by what we're doing with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He thanked us for what we are doing, and gave us all the cash he had. I about cried.

* People are generous and good.

* When you wave and smile at people, people wave and smile back. Feels good!

* While doing a Boot Block, waving at kids is key. I can't tell you the number of times I would wave at a child, they would wave back, and then ask their parents for money to give. Such sweethearts!


* The last car of the day was full of kids in the backseat. I waved (as I had been doing all day) and one of the kids made a gun with his hands and shot me. Disturbing. Extremely disturbing.

* I saw sooooooo many little ones (babies and toddlers) not in carseats. Also disturbing.

* (Yelled to me by a random passerby) "Daaaaaaaaaayummmm! Girl, your ass is FAT!" Maybe he meant "Phat"?  And if so, maybe this belongs on the "Upbeats" list...

Clearly, the good outweighed the bad today. Standing on a corner (for five hours) asking for money is a really really tough thing to do. It is very intimidating, but also very rewarding. It taught me many lessons about giving. I am so proud to have done my part and helped raise all of that money. Thank you, people of Wichita who crossed through our intersection! (And a big thank you to all of our volunteers - mine included Paige, Nickki, and Kelli. You are all so very kind and I appreciated your help so much!)

Standing on a corner...asking for money. Go Team!

A good day, indeed. My legs are completely exhausted.