Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Shout Out: Week 12 (The Monday Edition)

I wasn't feeling a huge need to post this yesterday, as there were no donations this week. ACK!!!

However, I've got two big fundraisers coming up over the next two weeks, so not all is lost. Or it better not be. I'm still $2,000 away from my goal!

Last week was a great week for the most part...

Monday - 6 miles in 30mph winds with my friend and teammate, Yvette. Then lifted at the gym afterward.

Tuesday - nada

Wednesday - 8 miles with Yvette, Michele, Madison and my darling Fair Weather Runner. I love these ladies. It was a great time! (My Coach didn't show up, as he's a total slacker. I mean, he was preparing for a marathon on the weekend - and did so in 3:30, and is planning to sub-3 hour Boston. What a drama queen.)

Thursday - Mental health day. I needed a break from running. Or a break from fundraising. Not sure which, but as of 9pm Wednesday night, I decided I was "never running again". Maybe I'm the drama queen. Just one of those days.

Friday - Scheduled day off. (Yep, that made 3 days off last week.)

"Slow is Sexy" Saturday - 16 miles. I was feeling it afterward. And yesterday. I feel great today, however. Enjoying nearly every weekend being a mileage PR!

Today I've got 6 miles on tap with Yvette, again.

My husband and I had it out on the weekend with regard to the time the training, the fundraising, etc. takes. I get what he's saying. But I warned him the times will keep getting longer, which didn't thrill him. After the fundraising finishes up, I am going to start running at least an hour or two before the Team starts. That way I can still run with my Team, but can also keep the peace at home. Cutting long run days short isn't an option, so I will work with it however I can. He's quite supportive of what I'm doing, but April has just been tough. Fundraiser after Fundraiser. Long mileage. And maybe it was just one of those times in a marriage where you need to fight it out, make sure everyone is on the same page, and then come out of it stronger. As we have. All is well, now. But I'm still going to start running earlier on long run days.

Oh, and remember when I mentioned that my first Half Marathon is coming up April 25? Well...I neglected to mention is that my training schedule calls for 20 miles that day. Which means that yes, I'll be getting a PR since I've never done an "official" Half Marathon. But it also means I'll be running 7 miles right before the race. Then doing the 13.1 miles. Don't hate on me too much for my slowness. I'm using "Slow is Sexy" Saturday (well, Sunday that week) as my excuse.

Happy Monday!