Monday, February 15, 2010

I take it back...

Ah. Nothing like eating crow.

One of my running buddies asked if my knees ever hurt. I asked for a specific spot on the knees. She pointed and I said, "Nope, not there." Guess what ached Saturday afternoon...

Another running mate asked about my calves being tight. "Nope, no tightness." Guess what aches and needs some serious stretching and a major rubdown today? I'll be spitting feathers for weeks with all the crow I am eating.

I was just celebrating two or three days ago about the soreness being gone; but the run on Saturday spanked me into submission! I am quite stiff and sore. I'm thankful for it, though. Reminds me that I worked hard, and there aren't many feelings better than that.

In other news:

Who knew a Garmin could be so cool?! I've had it since Mother's Day - coming up on 2 years! And finally today I got it set up to transfer the data to my computer. Did you know it shows you a map of your runs? Of course you knew that, you tech-savvy Garmin owners. I am beyond impressed and excited. What a great tool!

Tomorrow calls for 0-3 miles. If my first client doesn't show up at 5:15am, I will be biking instead of running. Figure a little cross training is in order at this point.

The weather was so nice this evening, I nearly went out for a run! Had I not had a great run already this morning, I would have been all over it. Looking forward to the weather getting nicer and nicer. Come on Spring!