Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Check-In

Week one of training. (Though it technically starts February 8.) I am sore - apparently the three milers I was doing previously didn't help me quite as much as I had hoped. Maybe it was the lack of doing them daily that got to me. It is a good sore, though. The sore of having put in effort! So much effort that I went to bed at 7:30 last night.

Regardless - this week has been fantastic. Despite a certain womanly issue wanting to make me keel over and not run yesterday, I still got my mileage in. Best part? I felt better afterward. Score!

Monday: 4 miles. (Plus .25 mile warm up and .25 mile cool down)
Tuesday: 3 miles (Plus .25 mile warm up and .75 mile cool down)
Wednesday: 5 miles (Plus .25 mile warm up and .75 mile cool down)

So far I am not keep track of total time, though maybe I should. More importantly - trying to get the mileage in without stopping. I am around a 10 minute mile pace.

I am right in between levels 2 and 3 on the training schedule provided. I am fine during the week with the level three workouts...but the first long run is a 10 miler. Not sure if I am ready for that Saturday. (But it is 5 miles for level 2, which is what I've already done this week for my "long" weekday. Maybe there is a happy medium for Saturday? Or maybe I will just do the 5 since I am starting a week early...)  I am confident the coaches will provide an answer. I need to ask, also, about whether or not I am supposed to count my warm up and cool down as part of the mileage. I am assuming not. Worst case I am just an overachiever until I find out for sure.

Do any other runners out there count your warm up and cool down in your "mileage"?

On tap for the rest of this week is 4 miles tomorrow, Friday rest day (yay!) and the long run Saturday. I will update post-run Saturday. Have a wonderful rest of the week!