Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mileage Update/Yoga/How cold is too cold to run?

My heart is heavy today. I got word that one of my clients lost her Mom to pancreatic cancer. She's had a quick and rough battle, and took a turn for the worst a few days ago. Today I am holding her family in my heart. Myrna will have her name on my jersey at the marathon. No, it wasn't a blood cancer - but anyone who has battled cancer of any kind deserves recognition. Today's run was dedicated to Myrna.

Do me a favor and hug your Mom today. Or at least call to tell her you love her. Or remember something you love(d) about her. If you don't have a Mom for whatever reason, just take a second to remember how lucky we are simply to be alive.


On a much lighter note...

I skipped out on running and/or biking yesterday and opted to head to my favorite Yoga studio. (All classes are drop in and just $5. Whoohoo!) It was a wise choice. I started off tight and stiff and sore and left feeling taller and lighter and more stretchy. I am ga-ga for Yoga. I took a long hiatus and it was clear last night that I will be committing again once a week.

Monday: 2 miles, then another 3 miles (lifted weights in between)
Tuesday: Yoga!
Wednesday: 6 miles

This morning I got up and wanted to cry at the thought of doing my run on the treadmill. I didn't have a hard time getting up, but I was having a rough time mentally knowing I was about to pound out 6 miles in one spot. I decided to do something about it...I ran outside! It was cold. Very cold. Stupidly, I left off a long sleeved thermal that I've been putting on when it is cold. It was also less than 30 degrees. I was bargaining with myself the entire time. Just go a mile and see how you feel. You can go back to the gym and finish there if you want. Just do three miles. Ok, you're at four, just finish five. Alright, at this point you should just finish the last mile since your schedule is calling for six today. It was great!

Did you know the Garmin will actually do 1 mile splits instead of one giant 6-mile split? Just kidding - I know you know that. But I just figured out how to set it up yesterday. Now I can report that my splits were: 10:42, 9:29, 9:22, 9:31, 9:36 and 9:00.  Like I said, it was a rough start. So cold and my ankle felt like it was going to explode. Clearly things got better as I chugged along.

Also, there was a light pole that I ran past 4 times and it turned off the first time I ran by, then back on the second, then off again the third, and on again the fourth. Instead of freaking me out, it made me calm and relaxed. Maybe someone was watching out for me.

The real treat was when I got home and got in the shower. My butt and legs were an evil, fiery red! It was obvious where my sweat got trapped on my pants and froze my skin. Nice. I'm thinking those super early 20 degree runs will now require tights under my pants. Finally, 3 hours later my skin has mostly returned to its normal shade of pale.

Looking forward to one more run tomorrow, and then a day off.  And I get to see my Team on Saturday! Have a great rest of the week!