Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bone Scan Update

Perhaps a more appropriate title would be "Lack of Bone Scan Update".

I didn't go through with it. I would venture to say most people in the same situation would opt out of it, too. Here's why.

* I don't think I have a stress fracture
* Doc doesn't think I have a stress fracture
* Hospital called the night before and gave me a heart attack when they said I needed to pay my deductible of $2,500 the next morning!

Honestly, the last part was the kicker. I don't generally keep that sort of money laying least not for tests that aren't 100% needed. Sure, no harm in knowing for sure. But given that I can walk, I can do Yoga, I can bike, I can use the elliptical, etc. etc. etc. all without much pain at just seems unnecessary. That isn't to say that if I was seriously injured or in a more intense amount of pain that I would get it taken care of. But I will not waste money - especially $2,500 - on a scan that, in all likelihood, would tell me all was well.

So, no needles yesterday!

I am taking the rest of this week to continue cardio (without running), then I will see about next week. But I would think I'll be good to go with 2-3 weeks of not jogging, given that it is a "sprain". Have I mentioned that I think it is tendonitis, and not a sprain? As long as it isn't a fracture, it is ALL good.

Wish I had a more exciting update on my training.

Monday: 75 Minutes of Yoga torture (went to the hardest class, accidently) and 80 minutes on the Arc Trainer

Tuesday: 15 minutes stationary bike, 25 minutes stretching

Wednesday: 60 minutes stationary bike

I'm pleased to report my ankle isn't bugging me too much. I'm just trying to be patient so it won't flare up again once I get back to running.

Here's to a great rest of the week! Thank you for all of your support.