Monday, March 29, 2010

Tall Mom's Virtual Race for the Cure (10k report)

My friend and Team in Training teammate, Michele, and I signed up for Tall Mom's 10k. We had 15 miles scheduled to run that day, though, so we dedicated the first 10k of our 15 miles to the Virtual Race. Obviously, going 15 miles total, we were not at all racing our 10k. We were just proud to participate!

Michele's number stood for the date June 26, 2010 - our marathon in Seattle. Whoot! Mine said "In Honor of Dorothy" - she's my mother-in-law and a breast cancer survivor.

After our first 3.1 miles of the 10k. Happy as can be!

Our finish was quite amazing. Look at all of those spectators! (Ha.) The guy on the left in the picture is my Coach who is the incredible runner, who also has the dog that is running her first marathon in April.

We had a lovely 10k. We were excited to have 6.2 miles of our 15 finished!

And finally, with our race bibs on again after 15 miles. (We didn't wear them during our race as we only had two safety pins between us, and it was really windy that day. Slackers!)

We finished our 10k in approximately 1 hour, 5 minutes. We averaged an 11:04/mile for the entire 15, so that was good. My Coach always says you can't run too slow for your long run days. His long runs are typically 4 minutes slower per mile than his marathon pace, so he can't be completely out of touch with reality. I figure that "Slow is sexy" and "Slow is the new Fast" are my new slogans for life. Or at least for the long runs. Who can aruge with that?