Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good News. No, GREAT news!

Yesterday was my first day back to running in 16 days. I hacked it out on a treadmill, as I was nervous there would be pain. I ran jogged four miles! It brings me great joy to report that it was completely painless. Whatever happened with my ankle is gone, gone, gone. Officially!

Before I got on the Treadmill, a woman in the locker room saw my Team in Training bag and asked what event I am doing, and mentioned that one of her friends just did a marathon with the Team. Then she asked if I am a survivor. While I am not, just hearing that made running even more special. (Because I CAN.)

While on the treadmill, I wanted to focus on my form and enjoy that first run post-injury to the fullest. I didn't take my Ipod (I rarely do when I run. Except on the treadmill.) and I didn't turn on the tv. I concentrated on how thankful I am that I can run. (Or jog. Whatever.) I enjoyed the feeling of running again, and was thankful I wasn't on a bike or the Arc Trainer. It totally rocked.

Other News:

*I purchased new shoes today. Not sure what the "rule" is for changing shoe types/brands, but I didn't really like my other pair. My one-year-old was kind of a punk at the store. She suddenly changed her tune and befriended the dark-haired chick (at First Gear. All the local people know who I am talking about.) and hugged and snuggled on her. That was awesome.

*I CAN RUN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!  Did you forget that fact?

*Tomorrow I have the unique opportunity to run six miles with a complete running rockstar. Looking forward to sharing about that later this week.

Be safe out there, and be thankful that you can run. Happy Tuesday! Don't forget your green tomorrow.