Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Shout Out: Week Seven!

Another week passed. Another moment of shock that it was another week!

For anyone new to the blog - welcome! The Sunday Shout Out is my time to stop and thank each person who has donated to the Leukemia & Lympoma Society to help me reach my fundraising goals. While it is long-winded, it is incredibly important for me to do, as each person who donates is not only helping me, but is donating to such an important organziation. 

Donations this week:

Travis and Sophie are a darling couple! Travis is a partner at the law firm where my husband works. I rarely get to see them, and haven't even met their darling baby daughter, yet. (No good!) But regardless, it is awesome to have their support. And, if I could look half as put together as Sophie does anytime I see her, I'd be in heaven. She's awesome.

Jim and Janneanne are family on my Dad's side. (Yay family!) I used to see Janneanne when we both worked in the same building, but she has since retired. She is such a wonderful woman, and I am so proud to honor three of her siblings who lost their battles with Cancer. It is an awful thing, but I am thankful I can do this for her. I love you guys!

Meggan and Tyson are my dear friends from McPherson. Meggan and I actually met on a "blind date" of sorts. I had my first baby girl, and wasn't doing too well, mentally. My Mom and Meggan's mom are good friends, but I never knew Meggan because we were never in school together. So, my mom and Meggan's mom knew Meggan and I would be good together as friends, and they set us up. They were right. I adore Meggan and her friendship. She came into my life at a time where I needed an angel and a friend, and she means more to me than I can probably ever put into words. I love you both! Thank you, Meggan and Tyson! Give hugs to sweet Grayson for me.

Duncan and Maggie are relatives on my Dad's side of the family. I talked about their daughter, Kristen, last week in my shout out. I am so incredibly thankful for their support, and it makes me smile that I have such a big, supporive, and awesome family. Also, I sort of teased Duncan on Facebook and (lovingly) called he and my Dad "old guys" - and I think this means he forgives me. Ha! However, he is a Grandpa....  Seriously, thank you both so much. I'm so thankful to have you in my life.

Rod and Pam are friends that I have known a long time. Their daughter, Emma, and I were best friends back in the day. (Third grade!) Pam was always such a loving and kind Mom - and I am thankful to know her, and to still be in touch with their family. They are going to be Grandparents soon! It makes me smile to know that I've had such awesome people in my life, and who are still part of my life. Thank you so much, Rod and Pam!

My Aunt Terri is...well...she's awesome. Mind you, this is not even an Aunt related to Clayton. Despite that fact, she was so touched by what I am doing that she shared it with her boss. Her boss wanted to donate. And one of her coworkers wanted to as well. She went above and beyond and now these two women I have never even met have donated money to help me reach my goal. Mary asked that I honor a high school boy with Lymphoma that she knows, and Millie and Terri asked that I honor the husband of one of their  coworkers who has Lymphoma. I am so proud to do this for all of you. Terri, you are a testament to the fact that it just takes one person to create a domino effect. I truly appreciate you sharing this with your coworkers, and I appreciate that you were all so kind. Your email made me cry! You are awesome and I love you. Thank you.

Julian is awesome. He and I have been friends for years - we attended the same high school. I have been broken down on the interstate with him on the way to a concert. Took a theatre arts class and thought he hated me. We have traveled in Europe together. (Best high school trip. Ever.) And because he is a Columbian citizen, we all felt bad each time he was pulled aside and strip-searched (not really) at every.single.airport. Julian is doing his first Century Ride (100 miles) soon, and he also holds the "marathoner" title, too. All around athlete, I'd say. He is an incredible and talented artist, and works for Laika in Portland as a storyboard artist. If you are familiar with the movie Coraline - he worked on it! Julian, you rock. Thank you for always being you.

This week was quite touching, as my new running blogger friend April at Mommy's Fit for the King was kind enough to donate. I have been getting to know April since starting this blog, and she is a beautiful and fun woman. And obviously quite kind-hearted. And she has incredibly precious kids - three boys and a step-daughter. April knows what this means to me after reading my story and Clayton's story. She truly went above and beyond. She is always so supportive and kind, and this just took the cake. Thank you so much, April. I'm so glad to know you!

Bloggers, I'm finding, are an incredibly supportive bunch. I was blown away when I received the donation notification in my inbox...from Lorian at Running Guarantees Sanity! Oh my goodness. Warm fuzzies! Lorian is one of the most kind, most motivating, and most incredibly supportive bloggers out there. Her three sons are nearly the same ages as my three daughters. I'm hoping she'll make her way to Kansas for a race one of these days so we can meet and run together. Well, I'll try to keep up with her, anyway... When I sent a quick email to thank Lorian, she said she couldn't think of a better way to celebrate that I had run my first ever double-digit mileage. How sweet is that? Lorian, you are so fabulous. I'm thankful we keep in touch and I look forward to running with you sometime. I don't doubt it will happen. Thank you again!

Danny is my Mom's cousin - so Clayton and my Uncle Mike makes this quite personal to him. Danny and his wife, Linda, are so kind and supportive. I swear, it seems like I never get to see them! Thankfully for Facebook, we are able to better keep in touch. Danny was always so fun to be around while we were growing up. We all love him so much! Always so funny and kind. I'm thankful, as always, to have such a huge and loving family. Thank you so much, Danny and Linda!

Bill is a hilarious guy. I laugh when I say, "guy" in relation to him...when he greets anyone, even a female, he says, "Hey guy!" Bill and I worked together at the law firm where my husband works. He has since retired, and I obviously don't work there anymore, but he was awesome. One of the best chief operating officers ever. What a fabulous man. He was kind and fun to be around, and I really believe he did a lot of good for the firm. It was nice to work for someone who was so easy to work with. I'm so thankful that Bill was so kind and supportive to me back then, and now as well. Thank you, Bill!

Jim and Bertie are relatives on my Mom's side of the family - this is important to them based on it being in Clayton's honor (and for my Uncle Mike). Bertie is so beautiful. I even have memories of her from when I was really young. I have always loved her speaking voice. She has always stuck out in my mind as someone that I will never forget. Jim and Bertie - I am so appreciative of your support. Thank you so much!

Mike and Shannon are my Uncle and Aunt. You've heard about Mike before - he is the Lymphoma survivor! My Uncle Mike is hilarious. I mean, he is one of those guys who loves to tease and loves to laugh. I grew up loving him, and he still has a smile that lights up a room. I hope it is ok that I share this story. I don't remember too much from when he was going through his treatments. But there is one instance I will never forget. My Aunt Shannon threw a surprise party for him. It was when he wasn't feeling great. I remember him smiling that smile. A while later, I looked over and he was in a chair, bent over with his head in his hands. I don't know why that moment sticks out in my head. Maybe because I knew in that moment how horrid he felt. Or maybe it was just that it broke my heart to see him hurting. Whatever it was, it makes me tear up to think about. He had to go and lay down after that. He got through it, and now he's back to his crazy and fun antics. I'm just so thankful for his life. I really am. I love you both. Thank you so much.

Michelle and JonRoy - well, you've heard a lot about them, too! They are Clayton's Mom and Dad. Let me tell you...when you get a donation from someone who has a son still having chemo for Leukemia, it breaks your heart. And it makes your heart swell up to twice its normal size. And it makes you cry. And it humbles you. And it shows you that they are strong. And it reminds me that they are proud of me. And that, my friends, is all the motivation I need. Michelle and JonRoy - I love you and your family so much. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the support. And thank you for allowing me to do this for Clayton.

In other news:

Whew. This post was not only time consuming, but emotional. So many amazing people, so much kindness, and so many incredible connections. As always, it was worth every minute spent writing it.

This week was a rough one, with no running. I am going to attempt to do the Arc Trainer or the elliptical this week in addition to the bike, and see how it goes. I'm renewed and refreshed and ready to be healed and back at it. But, patience will be worth it.

I have been in contact with one of the Coaches for my Team in Training. He gave me the lowdown I needed to hear before officially deciding to do the RnR San Diego Full just 20 days before doing the RnR Seattle Full. Now that we're on the same page (I needed to hear the facts about the physical risks, I needed him to hear why I want to do this) and now we can work together to get me there. YES!

Missed my Team so much last week. Will miss them again this week. Praying that the week after gets me back where I belong.

I won my first Bondi Band from Erica at Run Mommy, Run! Very exciting to get it and test it out. It will be a great bonus to getting back to running after this little injury. Thanks Erica! Congrats on your first 5k!

Have a great week!