Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

Friday is my birthday. I will be (in one hour, from the time of me writing this) 29- years-old. The REAL 29. (If you want a running story, stay tuned. It's going to be at the end of this post after I sort out any age issues I might have.)

I remember when my Mom was 29. That's creepy.

Here's the thing. I am not freaking out about it too much at the moment. But when I stop to think about it...I get freaked out. I mean...I'm as old as my Mom. (Well, as old as she was, anyway. She turned 50 on St. Patrick's Day!)

My Mom and I. (1981)

And believe me...I don't think 40-something is ancient. My husband is in his (mid to late) 40's. However, this is just one of those "weird" years. Everyone says the 30's are better than the 20's. That you come into your own. And honestly, after the way my 20's started out, I think I am going to love my 30's. That said, I remember thinking 29-year-olds were really old.

On the flip side - my 29th year is going to be awesome. My first marathons in June. Traveling to San Diego for the first. Seattle for the second. (I'll be doing my hometown marathon in October, too!) My first major fundraising efforts, which has proven to be a life-changing experience. I'm growing up and loving it. I'm finding out how amazing giving back can be. My daughters are ages 5, 3, and 1. They're getting bigger and it is getting easier to take time for myself. My husband is healthy and still lights my fire. Gotta love that.

Our Family. November 2009
(Photo taken by Chantel at Breathtaking Photography.)

I truly believe that what we experience shapes us into who we are - I try not to look back with any regrets. This year I am choosing to always look ahead. To look forward and to always be sensitive to the battles that everyone is facing.

So, here's to a great year. Freaked about age or not, I'm looking forward.

Now for the running story. I mentioned that Wednesday I would be running with a running rockstar. (Sorry, Coach. Your dog is booting you from me talking about you.)  I had the pleasure of running with a dog. A future-marathoning dog, named Pavlov.  Her Daddy calls her "Belle". She is a 4-year-old chocolate lab. Pavlov adores running; she has done a 16-miler, and has "no problem" doing 10-12 miles at any time. (I should add that running with a dog that has already done a distance 6 miles beyond my furthest was a very strange experience.) She'll be ready for her first marathon in a month or so...but needs to get some long runs in before then, says her Daddy.

Two days later, I am still trying to wrap my brain around the marathoning dog. Even more crazy...she'll have a faster time than me, by far. (Enter "The Twilight Zone" theme song...) I wish I could tell you about my Coach and his running awesomeness, but I am so thrown by his dog, I can't! 

Workout update:

Wednesday: 6 miles (9:50-something pace.)
Thursday: 4 miles (10-something pace, on a treadmill)

I am so so so sore. Thrilled to be back to running - was a rough two weeks without it. 12 miles coming on Saturday - another mileage PR day! It was 65 today...and will be 30 and snowing Saturday morning. Fabulous!

Have a great weekend!